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  • Required
  • For the issue this is the total number of pages for the entire book, including both sides of both covers, story pages, pin-up pages, text pages, ad pages and blank pages. Every side of every bound or stapled page should be counted. Most American Modern and Silver Age comics are 36 pages, most American Golden Age books are 68 pages, European albums don't tend to have a standard number of pages and trade paperbacks or Manga can run into the hundreds of pages. Also page counts shown on publishers web sites do not always include covers and blank pages, hence pages should always be counted and not assumed.
  • For the total number of pages in an issue, gatefold pages and covers should be counted based on the amount of content they add to the comic. Therefore if a front cover folds out to twice its normal size, it would count as 6 pages (inside and outside of rear cover, inside and outside of front cover, inside and outside of fold-out cover) rather than the standard 4 (inside and outside of rear cover, inside and outside of front cover). Details about this should be added in the Notes field for the issue.
  • Bound advertising or other matter stapled or glued into the center of a comic should be counted as if it is part of the total page count, even if the page size is different. Details about this should be added in the Notes field for the issue, or it can be indexed separately.
  • Inserts which aren't bound in, such as trading cards, 3-D glasses or separate comics, do not count towards the total page count of the comic. They should be noted in the Notes field for the issue and then added as their own sequence (with the "Insert" type).
  • For hardcover books with dust jackets, the dust jacket is not included as part of the page count. However, the dust jacket will be indexed as the cover (Sequence 0) if the dust jacket is available to the indexer. The indexer will indicate in the Cover's Notes field if the actual cover's appearance is identical to the dust jacket cover. The indexer will index the actual cover as Sequence 1 only if the actual cover is not blank and if the actual cover's appearance is different than the dust jacket.
  • For all sequences, this is the page count of the sequence being indexed. Partial page counts are allowed, and should be expressed as decimals. Use the net page count of the sequence, accounting for any partial pages. You may want to include a note about any partial pages to avoid confusion with the gross page count.
  • The page count for any cover sequence is normally 1. Count the number of sides of a page that images for the cover appear on, so a wrap-around comic would be 2.
  • Theoretically, if all contents of a comic are indexed, the page counts of the individual sequences should add up to the total page count of the comic.
  • This is a required field for sequences, and either a number must be entered or the Uncertain box must be checked. For issues with the page count left blank, a "?" will be displayed regardless of whether or not the Uncertain box is checked. It is therefore only necessary to check the Uncertain box at the Issue level when a page count is entered and there is uncertainty about it.

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