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GCD Web Site Release: More Fun

This page documents the More Fun release, which is an immediate follow-on release to New Fun, essentially serving as a holding tank for features that would more or less fit into New Fun but aren't quite critical enough to justify extending that release's timeline.

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Release Goals

The following list is very tentative, and is intended to serve mostly to illustrate possibilities. It will be solidified as planning for New Fun progresses and it becomes more apparent what will and won't fit in that release.

  • Get more changes into the approval workflow (possibly all?)
  • Add search result refininement / expansion capabilities.
  • Make advanced search spiffier.
  • Add some user profile and preference support.
  • Additional localization.
  • Add pages to make data cleanup in preparation for the new schema easier.

Tentative Ideas

For now this is just space to record notes and ideas that come up while discussing the New Fun release so we don't forget about them.

  • Issue cloning (and probably sequence cloning for purposes other than reprints)