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handling of wraparound/gatefold covers

proposed on 31. March 2010, failed

--- start proposal ---

When uploading a cover the indexer can indicate that it is a wraparound cover or gatefold cover (when more than 2 pages are involved). The details how to indicate and handle this are left to the technical team.

In the galleries and issue pages we will show the front cover. This applies to the current design of these pages only and can change in a new design of these pages. Same goes for the series page where we show the first available cover for the series.

In the large view for the covers of an issue we will show the full wraparound/gatefold cover. Depending on the employed technical solution we might also show the full cover on the small/medium view of the covers for an issue, but this might not be possible for technical reasons. This decision is left to the technical team.

If a wraparound cover is already uploaded for an issue no separate upload of just the front cover is allowed.

If the front cover of a wraparound cover is already present for an issue the full wraparound cover is only allowed as a replacement for the front cover.

These last two rules are in effect once the proposals passes in preparation for the real handling of wraparound covers.

--- end of proposal ---

FYI, my guess for making this live would be about two months. It actually is not that much work, but I would prefer to deploy this together with some other changes I am working on.

This doesn't handle covers which fold out not only horizontal but also vertical. If they fold out once in both directions the resulting cover has the same shape as the front cover and probably should be used. Note that we do not handle different sizes of covers currently and for the foreseeable future.

(end of document)

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