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Database Cleanup

  • Re-write synopsis with solicitation/Previews text (search words "solicitation" or "preview")
  • Current Genres Report
    • Genres have been mapped to the official ones, with the exception of occult and supernatural; for those two, a final decision hasn't been made yet.
    • The non-official ones at the bottom appear in issues being edited at the time of the migration. They will be mapped after being freed by indexers.
  • Problem series that need to be worked on (this is an old list that used to be for Editors only)
  • Type "filler": Lots of stuff in this type that needs to get sorted out (blank pages, credits, tables of contents etc.)
  • Extra spaces in the following fields: Issue notes, Cover notes, Synopsis, Reprint notes, Synopsis, Sequence notes - can be found by using advanced search

Art checklists

New indexes to add

There are many sites with databases of comics from all over the world - if you are interested in adding books from specific countries, languages or publishers, the links found in Useful indexer links will come handy.

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