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Releases and Status

[Here's the old section about releases, some of which happened before our process became less release-oriented and more project-oriented.]

Projected releases are named after comic books, and are planned in detail on their own pages. Release numbering is tentative as intermediate releases may be added or removed as plans and features are revised.

Initially we followed a released bases strategy, but by now release new functionality and fixes when they are ready.

GCD Site Releases by Code Name
Name # Release Date Purpose Comments
"Prototype" 0.1 2009-10-06 Upon the demise of our prior hosting arrangement, the prototype that the tech team had developed to prove that a Django-based solution was viable was hastily dusted off, touched up, and pushed to production. It was a read-only system, with no data entry capabilities other than cover uploading. The name for this one is kinda obvious- we were in too much of a rush to find a themed name.
"Vieux Bois" 0.2 2009-12-07 The first fully functional release, at least mostly. You can enter data. You can't delete things. You can't move things. And covers don't go through the approval process. Named for "Histoire de M. Vieux Bois" by Rodolphe Töpffer, currently often considered the first comic book.
"Dr. Festus" 0.3 Spring 2010 Adds the cover upload approval process, flat file import of stories, and some other miscellaneous functionality Named for another Rodolphe Töpffer character, as this release is a small step from 0.2. The boundary between this and 0.4 "Little Nemo" is somewhat vague as we didn't branch immediately upon release.
"Little Nemo" 0.4 Summer 2010 Deletions, queue improvements, voting application. Maybe some groundwork for moves, reprints and other more complex UI features.
"Eulenspiegel" 0.5 Summer 2011 Issue and series moves, issue names and variants (and moving covers and cover sequences between them), series defaults Named for a short-lived German magazine from 1906 which included some comics, chronologically between Little Nemo and Kin-der-Kids.
"Kin-der-Kids" 0.6 April 2012 Reprint link migration and editing, partially indexed issue status, non-comics publications, front page text editing Named for the Sunday newspaper strip produced by German-American artist Lyonel Feininger, a reference to the nationalities of the two principle GCD programmers during the 0.1-0.3 releases.
"Krazy Kat" 0.7 October 2013 Two-layer brand system (Brand Group / Brand Emblem), Publisher's Age Guidelines
New Funrequirements (obsolete)design (obsolete) 1.0 ? Originally intended to be the first release in production, with full functionality and many data schema improvements. Now in need of re-planning, it represents the functionality enabled by the long-discussed "new schema" developed while the site functionality was mostly frozen for various reasons. Named for the first U.S. comic book with all-new content.
More Fun 1.1 TBD Originally intended for features that required us to gain control of the database before we could implement them. The events leading to the 0.1 and 0.2 releases have removed that restriction already, so this release currently has no specific purpose As the comic "New Fun" became "More Fun", this release is just a small next step.
The Dandy 2.0 TBD First release to include major steps towards the new schema beyond what we can easily do without major data cleanup. As with 1.0 and 1.1, recent events mean this plan needs revisiting. Named for the very long-running British Weekly comic. Also, this release should be quite dandy (very nice, but not quite to the best possible state :-)

TODO: Document branch and release management strategies.

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