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As defined in The GCD Charter


People who enter data for comics into the database.


Ensure the data being entered matches the correct formatting. Approve the data that's being entered by Indexers.


Membership Coordinator

Currently under discussion as listed on the [Board of Directors agenda]

Held by Ken Lemons under the previous role definition

Reservations Coordinator

Currently vacant.

  • This position is being discussed by the Board to determine what role it should play now that ongoing reservations may be handled through the Online Indexing system, and most folks who index offline work directly with an online indexer.

Head Technical Coordinator

Currently Lionel English

Former Technical Office Holders

  • Jon Løvstad (GCD Webmaster, Programmer, etc., ??? - Oct. 2009)
  • L. Jámal Walton (Data Coordinator, ??? - Dec. 2009?)
  • Henry Andrews (Lead Programmer, late 2008 - May 2011)

The Board

The "Board" refers to the GCD's Board of Directors.

The "Board" is a group with a maximum of nine members who help run the GCD. There are elections every year in which either four or five of the Board members are elected to two-year terms by the GCD membership. See The GCD Charter for exact information about the makeup of the board.

The Board exists to help set and revise GCD policy, to make sure that all of the administrative roles are adequately staffed, and to identify problem areas and set up action committees to resolve them. Another way of looking at this is, they don't handle the day-to-day operations of the GCD, but they make sure that there are resources in place to handle them, and make sure that the project addresses areas of change when needed.

GCD Board Votes

You can e-mail the GCD Contact Email to get in touch with board members or if you are on any of the GCD discussion lists (Email Lists FAQ), you can ask questions there and a Board member will usually respond.

role term
Will Allred 2009-2011
Ray Bottorff Jr 2010-2012
Peter Croome 2009-2011
Lionel English 2010-2012
Matt Gore 2009-2011
Lou Mazzella Secretary 2010-2012
Donald Dale Milne 2010-2012
Tony Rose Treasurer 2009-2011

Board history by term (terms start and end in November). 2000 was the first board election and half the board only had a one year term. Per Sandell resigned shortly after the 2006 election and Matt Gore served the remainder of his term. Henry Andrews resigned from his 2nd term in May 2011.

2000-2001 2000-2002 2001-2003 2002-2004 2003-2005
Will Allred Ray Bottorff Jr Will Allred Ray Bottorff Jr Will Allred
Lionel English Mike Catron Lionel English Mike Catron Matt Head
Lou Mazzella Tim Stroup Ken Lemons Matt Gore Tony Rose
Mike Rhode Maurizio Villotta Tony Rose Matthias Hofmann Per Sandell
Tony Rose (vacant) Lou Mazzella
2004-2006 2005-2007 2006-2008 2007-2009 2008-2010
Ray Bottorff Jr Will Allred Ray Bottorff Jr Will Allred Henry Andrews
Mike Catron Mike Nielsen Mike Catron Matt Gore Ray Bottorff Jr
Matt Gore Tony Rose Matthias Hofmann Mike Nielsen Lionel English
Matthias Hofmann Per Sandell Jim Ludwig Tony Rose Ralf Haring
Lou Mazzella Lou Mazzella Lou Mazzella
2009-2011 2010-2012 2011-2013 2012-2014 2013-2015
Will Allred Henry Andrews
Peter Croome Lionel English
Matt Gore Lou Mazzella
Tony Rose Donald Dale Milne
Ray Bottorff, Jr.

The "Cycle" column denotes which years the seat is up for election. Column years are the year in which each term ends.

Cycle 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
odd Will Allred
even Ray Bottorff, Jr.
even Mike Catron Henry Andrews
odd Lionel English Matt Head Mike Nielsen Peter Croome
odd Lou Mazzella Ken Lemons Per Sandell Matt Gore
even Mike Rhode (vacant) Matt Gore Jim Ludwig Lionel English
odd Tony Rose
even Tim Stroup Matthias Hofmann Ralf Haring Donald Dale Milne
even Maurizio Villotta Lou Mazzella

Senior Editors

The Senior Editor group was a group of nine editors led by Ray Bottorf, Jr. [Ralf Haring, Mark Gordon, Donald Dale Milne, Peter Croome, Lou Mazzella, Ramon Schenk, Matthias Hoffman, L. Jámal Walton] that made decisions on formatting and field rules during 2008. Such decisions are now made on the gcd-policy mailing list as empowered by the Board of Directors. Senior Editor Votes