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Editors play an important role within the GCD. Their responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring data being entered matches the correct formatting
  • Approving the data that's being entered by Indexers.

Indexers who have shown they have a good grasp on our policies, an eye for detail and an above average knowledge of comics may become Editors, in charge of approving the information added by others. More information on the duties and on becoming an Editor can be found at the Editor Wiki. If you have been indexing with the project for a while and are interested in the Editor position, please inquire on our mailing lists so that a current Editor can submit your name for consideration.

List of Editors

Editors as of 2022-10-15
Name Interests
Adam Knights
Allen Ross DCs of all eras (particularly Superman), Dennis the Menace comic books, comic strip reprint books, giveaways
Andrew Troth
Antonio Carlos Pontes Junior
Bob Hughes
Boris Ammerlaan
Christopher Garry Superman; Daredevil; all comics from 1980 to 1989 especially independents; modern independents (especially low distribution like Vault, Scout, Titan, etc). Finally, good science fiction, fantasy from any era. Willing to take your surplus for indexing.
Darrel McCann
Derek Reinhard Adding variant covers (Newsstand/Direct). Whitman variants. Mark Jeweler variants. QR codes for convention goers.
Don Milne
Dwayne Best
Grigor Petrov
Hunter Johnson
James Zee
Jan Roar Hansen
Jochen G.
John Monagle
Juan Gonzalez
Ken Austin
Keith Alan Morgan
Lionel English
Lou Mazzella Marvel and DC silver age to present, EC comics, sword and sorcery, small press comics, mini-comics and manga.
Matthew H. Gore
Merlin Haas
Per Sandell
Peter Croome
Ralf Haring
Ramon Schenk Dutch comic book collector and researcher. Started out as the Charlton editor, then moved on to indexing Dutch comics, gag paperbacks, collections, US comics and everything connected with Captain America et al.
Ray Bottorff, Jr.
Ron Sadowski
Ruben Cortes
Steven Rowe
Steffen Nyeland
Stéphane Petit

Editorial Administrators

This group consisted of three members of the editors group who were designated "editorial administrators" by the Chair, with the responsibility of reporting to the board for the editors group. These positions were filled in accordance with standard board practice for administrator positions.

Upon appointment, the immediate responsibilities of the "editorial administrators" were:

  • creating a recommendation defining the criteria for appointing individuals to the editor role, and submitting this recommendation to the board,
  • creating a recommendation defining the criteria for removing individuals from the editor role, and submitting this recommendation to the board,
  • creating a recommendation for arbitrating and moderating editorial discussions and disputes among indexers and/or editors, and submitting this recommendation to the board.

The board may from time to time change the responsibilities of the "editorial administrators."

The editorial administrators completed the first task but never completed the other two tasks. The Board voted to dissolve the "editorial administrators" group on 2020-11-12.

Policy Votes Affecting This Topic - 2020-11

Senior Editors

  • The Senior Editor group was a group of nine editors led by Ray Bottorf, Jr. and included Ralf Haring, Mark Gordon, Donald Dale Milne, Peter Croome, Lou Mazzella, Ramon Schenk, Matthias Hoffman, L. Jámal Walton.
  • The Senior Editors made decisions on formatting and field rules during 2008. The results of the efforts can be found on the Senior Editor Votes page.
  • Formatting and field rules are now made on the gcd-policy mailing list and coordinated by Policy/Rules Coordinators.

Former Editors

  • The following people have been editors in the past. This list covers the period back into 2004, but may not be complete.
  • Andrés Jiménez
  • Andreas Loder (confirmed)
  • Arthur Lortie
  • Christopher Day (confirmed)
  • Craig Delich
  • David Bluestein II
  • Denys Howard
  • Dan Kocher (confirmed)
  • Dan Stevenson
  • Gene Reed (confirmed) (R.I.P.)
  • Gregory Fischer (confirmed)
  • Gregg Whitmore (confirmed)
  • Henry Andrews (confirmed)
  • James Ludwig (confirmed)
  • Jean-Michel Ferragatti
  • Jerry Hillegas (confirmed) (R.I.P.)
  • Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. (confirmed) (R.I.P.)
  • Jim Van Dore - Occasionally performs some editor duties for limited periods.
  • John Greb (confirmed)
  • John P. Selegue (confirmed)
  • Jon Arvid Løvstad (confirmed)
  • Kelly Langstrom Smith
  • Ken Lemons
  • L. Jámal Walton (confirmed)
  • Lars Brueder (confirmed)
  • Mark Gordon (confirmed)
  • Mark Rudnitski (confirmed) (R.I.P.)
  • Matthew Head
  • Matthias Hofmann (confirmed)
  • Maurizio Villotta (confirmed)
  • Max Capp (confirmed)
  • Mike Nielsen (confirmed)
  • Richard Hughes
  • Robert Sharp (confirmed)
  • Rodrigo Baeza
  • Steven Tice
  • Timothy L. Stroup
  • Tony R. Rose
  • Will Allred (confirmed)

Board Votes Affecting This Topic