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** [[Who's Who]] (Roles and Responsibilities)
** [[Who's Who]] (Roles and Responsibilities)
* [[General FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]]
* [[General FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]]
* User's Guides ('''NEW!''')
* User's Guides
** [[User's Guide to Publishers]]
** [[User's Guide to Publishers]]
** [[Indexing Variant Characters|Variant Characters (alternate Earths, Timelines, etc.)]] (technically indexing documentation, but also the best explanation if you want to know why a given index does or does not mention that the character is in some way a variation on another character)
* [[Email Lists FAQ|Email Lists]] (join: [ gcd-main], [ gcd-tech], [ gcd-policy], [ gcd-chat])
* [[Email Lists FAQ|Email Lists]] (join: [ gcd-main], [ gcd-tech], [ gcd-policy], [ gcd-chat])
* [[Searching The GCD|Searching the GCD]]
* [[Searching The GCD|Searching the GCD]]

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Welcome to the Grand Comics Database Wiki Main Page

The purpose of this Wiki is twofold.

1. A resource for information about the GCD and how to contribute.

2. A repository of information that doesn't fit easily into the GCD database.

If you're looking for the actual database it's at

Information about the GCD

The Grand Comics Database (GCD) is an ongoing project to build a detailed comic-book database that is international, accurate and complete from the beginning of the art form to the present. We are always looking for new volunteers.

The best way to learn about the GCD is to join our email lists, especially gcd-main which is where the day-to-day business of our project is discussed. We welcome new people! These links will provide some additional information:

Any questions you have that aren't covered here can be directed to the GCD Contact email list.

How to Contribute to the GCD

The GCD encourages contributions from everyone who is interested. The easiest way to contribute is to report errors through our Error Tracker or to upload cover scans. The primary way for folks to contribute is to become an Indexer and add data for comics we don't yet have. Indexers may eventually become Editors, who review the work of Indexers and the incoming error reports and make corrections to existing data.

Email gcd-contact to get started.

Documentation contributors in roughly chronological order include: Bob Klein, Jonathan Ingersoll, Will Allred, Bob Heer, Jon Løvstad, Rob Sharp, Peter Croome, Tim Stroup, Henry Andrews and assorted GCD-Tech list folks.

Additional Comic Book Information

This is some of the wealth of information on comic book history that contributors to the GCD have accumulated over the decades and wish to share with everyone. It includes summary information about publishers, distributors, titles, creators, characters and especially discussions on the GCD email lists. And much, much more. You can search by name in the usual wiki way or browse by the following topics:

If you have more information on any of the above, we would love to have it. Please follow the general format already used for various topics, or join the gcd-main group.

Technical Details

We are currently heavily involved in improving our new web-site for the GCD. The links in this section outline some of the changes going on. If you would like to help, please contact the gcd-tech group and see what you can do to help.

Contact the gcd-tech group for more information about any of the above.